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Goose Waste Management
EasyPet™ provides an economical solution for dealing with goose waste. Our patented collector system allows us to clean an acre of land in 30 minutes. Dramatically improve the appeal, usability and safety of your parks and community with our help.

Service includes:

  • CONSULTATION: We work with you to design the best solution for your needs and budget.
  • SCHEDULE:  Whether it’s regular service or periodically before major events, we will create a plan right for your needs.
  • CLEANING: On the day and time of your choosing, all goose waste removed from specified areas.
  • DISPOSAL: Waste will be placed in designated areas on site or hauled away.
Pet Waste Stations & Maintenance
EasyPet™ provides a selection of pet waste stations to meet your particular need, installs them and then performs regular scheduled maintenance to keep them effective and clean. We will also clean up dog waste in the area surrounding the station and other areas you designate.

Service includes:

  • CONSULT: Work with you to determine the best solution for your needs
  • INSTALL: We install your selected waste stations where you specify
  • SCHEDULE:  Choose timing that’s right for you. Bi-Weekly, Weekly, Bi-Monthly…
  • CLEAN: All dog waste around the station and designated areas
  • DISPOSE: Place waste into biodegradable bags for disposal at our facility. We never place it in your trashcans.
  • DEODORIZE: Spot treatment of previously soiled areas to eliminate smell and promote natural breakdown of any residual matter using a natural biodegradable solution.
  • TREAT: Spot treatment of urine bleached grass to promote bringing back the green
  • MAINTAIN: Empty station waste baskets and re-stock biodegradable dog waste bags

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Service Available in Cleveland and Akron in the following counties: Butler, Clermont, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Hamilton, Lake, Portage & Summit.